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The Early Years

My friend Shane introduced me to the game and I immediately joined the Under 10s Kotara South team.  Football was big in Newcastle as it was played by a lot of English coal miners.

I played for Kotara South until I was 15.  Our coach Ted Baldwin was approached by Adamstown Rosebuds to take the whole team over.  Rosebuds was founded in 1889 by English coal miners and have a 130 year history.  See 

 I went to Western Suburbs in the pre-season of 1973 along with a number of players, including who would be my fellow Socceroo, Col Curran.   I was at Wests until 1978.

I was a midfielder and I was good on the ball.  Ball control seem to come naturally & was was also able to read the game very well.  I has a sense of the whole field.  I enjoyed running with the ball, and getting it away to a forward at the opportune moment was my favorite element.

Peter Stone with Bobby Charlton

The Rising Star

The Move to play for Tottenham Hotspur.

Peters coach at Western Suburbs (Mike Lang) was English, and he encouraged him to try out for Tottenham.

In 1980, Peter made the cut and went over to play for The Spurs during the Australian off season.

The National Soccer League

(Philips Soccer League)

The Socceroo